4 Ways to Increase Patient Comfort

Do you hate when patients are anxious or uncomfortable in your office? Here are just four ways to help them relax and get the treatment that they need without any of the usual stress.

  1. Upgrade Your Waiting Room

There are many ways to make your patients more comfortable in the waiting room. The most obvious one is investing in high-quality couches and chairs, but you can also play relaxing music or put miniature zen gardens on the table. Some doctors even distribute coloring books for both children and adults. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your waiting room design.

  1. Add a Personal Touch

A smile can go a long way, especially towards people who are feeling anxious. Make sure that your nurses and receptionists are trained to be friendly. They should use the patient’s name to build a rapport with them, and they should never appear to be too rushed to answer questions or offer kind words. Most importantly, they should never, ever be rude.

  1. Buy Better Equipment

You’ll want to upgrade your equipment as a matter of course; this will keep you on the cutting edge of medical technology. However, you should also pay attention to new designs and features that were specifically made for patient comfort. For example, an open MRI scanner is much less restrictive than traditional MRI machines, and patients really respond to them.

  1. Encourage Communication

Last but certainly not least, make sure your patients know that they can always come to you. If they have any worries or criticisms about their visit, they should be able to express them. They should also be able to give you honest feedback with the protection of anonymity. Start a suggestion box or offer an online survey where people can quietly submit their feedback.

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